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The Betty Kernot Knock Out Final

The Betty Kernot Knock Out Final was held on 18/3/24 at the special golfing destination on Swan Island. The Queenscliff Golf Club in sunny & breezy conditions was in perfect condition for the BK finalists.

Div B

Lorne travelled from afar to contend with The Sands team who benefited from long straight driving from Kerry & a steady short game from Linda. Anne Marie & Lynda were under pressure from the start & were unable to turn the game Lorne’s way. Things looked dire when they left the 12th green, 5 down. A couple of rare, errant mistakes from the Sands team allowed the Lorne team to finally record a win which was jubilantly acknowledged by the spectators. The match was extended but short lived. The Sands reset & finished off the match with a halve on the 14th. Result being a very good 5 & 4 win.

A Division Winners
Sam Breguet & Megan Wall - 13th Beach

Div A

A good crowd of supporters were on hand to witness the big girls go head-to-head. The match was a tussle with both teams showing a range of shots, some good & some nervy other ones. In foursomes you have to play the ball from where your opponent hits it like it or not. A couple of loose holes from Port let the Sam & Meg get their heads in front. As always, a critical shot at a critical time can make a difference. On the picturesque 12th Ang exploded a long bunker shot & Lou holed the long downhill slider to snatch the & hole & move on 3 down. Port grabbed the next 2 holes & then 13th Beach  scored a good par to win the  16th. Sam & Meg used the middle of the fairway to set up perfectly to end the Port comeback & score a 3 & 1 victory.

Thank you to the Queenscliff Golf Club for hosting this prestigious SWGA event. A very special course for a special occasion.